In Game Shots Ratio: Villa v Liverpool

I came up with this method a week or so agonow and it’s really simple. It is one basic line graph which displays the Moving Average TSR battle throughout the 90 minutes. I think it shows us some pretty cool information in an easy to digest graph form and it only takes about 5 minutes to make.

Villa v Liverpool 1-2


The above graph shows the Total Shots battle as we move throughout the game. The scoreline and time of the goal is also evident on the graph. Once we know the time of goal we can be to look at score effects…..which are completely non-evident in this game!

Liverpool from the 15th minute onwards, when the game had settled, completely dominated Villa in the shots battle. When the game was tied Liverpool were dominant, when Liverpool fell one behind their dominance neither shrank not grew. Even when Liverpool went 2-1 to the good they were still able to win the shots battle.

As for Villa, 1-2 down at home and fighting relegation they still couldn’t manage to create much offense and failed to out-shoot Liverpool in the last 30 minutes.. With Villa’s season in the balance it’s a poor showing, really.

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