The Best 1:12 Of Your Day

Trying to pick a favourite song is hard. Like, really hard. Moods change, tastes change and we constantly reject and re-embrace certain songs that, for reasons that sometimes remain inexplicable, touch us or speak to us in some private and emotionally charged way. I couldn’t tell you what my favourite song was, but I could tell you how a certain song makes me feel.

“peer pressure” is a beauty. It makes me think of breaking up and getting back together, of the happiness and hard work of actually fixing things. It makes me think of the fragility of that ‘fixed’ thing.

The song makes me think of the film it features in, the eternal sadness, the sand, the snow, the lights going out in the library, the fun, the fights, the love.

The video below may well be the best 1:14 of your day, or it may not. It may well be that this song touches only me and if that it so then it is my joy, my private pleasure.


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