Manchester City Player Numbers

*Premier League Data Only.

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Lots of interesting data in the linked chart:

  • Gabriel Jesus’ shooting%’s The Brazilian’s shooting% is 12% points higher than any other other team-mate; the combined shooting% is 18% points higher than the next guy on the list. Gabriel Jesus may very well be a plus shooter capable of working himself, and his team-mates, into high scoring probability areas inside the 18yd box but it is unlikely that he can sustain such wild shooting %’s during full-time minutes in 17/18.
  • De Bruyne The Belgian had a shitty year in terms of goals scored (7% shooting%, quite a few distance shots and left-footed swingers when trying to avoid close defensive pressure on the ball likely caused that low % number. That said, De Bruyne is a baddie: 0.56 assists p90, 5.88 shot contribution p90 are the base stats but by the eye test it is the fearlessness and daring of his passing in the final third that makes him City’s stand-out player. Might be the most dangerous crosser of the ball in the league, he also leans on that talent a little too much for my liking and chooses to cross when City’s attackers are outnumbered by a significant margin within the 18yd box. Still, he is growing, becoming more versatile (played at 8, 7, 11, 10), and he is gradually making better, and better timed, use of the multitude of skills in his possession.
  • Sergio Agüero “Find good players, keep good players” That is how a team improves and remains a good team. A good team, one with designs on titles and CL runs , should not sell a player like Aguero. 0.75 goals p90, 5.21 shots p90, no red flags in terms of shot locations. 33 goals in all competitions, 8 goals short of the all-time Man City goalscorer record. Man, you shouldn’t want to sell players like this unless he is a horrendous fit in Guardiola’s system or you anticipate the player walking off a cliff performance wise. Or, if one is this way inclined, his sale helps you meet the bounty on Mbappe’s head. Agüero hasn’t been poor in 16/17, quite the opposite in fact. The amount of mid-season bleating about his form/future/attitude was, and I will be diplomatic here, bullshit.

  • % Minutes Played Sort the interactive chart above to %Mins Played and let us conduct a quick poll: How many of the guys that played fewer than 45% of minutes in the PL this year will be with Man City next year? Kompany, Gundogan, Jesus? Just those guys? Probably sounds about right. The list of players to play fewer than 45% of the minutes reads like a list of the damned, bar the aforementioned: Sagna, Navas, Zabaleta, Nolito, Fernando, Kelechi, Delph, and the boy Garcia. A lot of dead, ageing, wood and a couple of re-gens. Bad squad building requires significant surgery. Six or seven out, five or six in with a youth or two thrown in to make up the numbers?

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